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SharePoint 2013 “Cumulative” Updates Confusion

The August 2014 Cumulative Update for Microsoft SharePoint is apparently not that cumulative, as it doesn’t contain every change of every component since SP1. But apparently Stefan Gossner claims it is (the official word on this is here: I had to read this article three times to fully understand why it’s cumulative. And it […]

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SharePoint Server Object Model Code in ASP.NET Pages

This article concerns using the SharePoint Server Object model code within ASP.NET pages that are hosted on NON SharePoint web applications. Granted – for the majority of use-cases you would rather use the SharePoint Managed Client Object Model to perform the majority of your operations – but for the odd occasion where you have a […]

Fun with AllowUnsafeUpdates

I’ve heard a little confusion lately about the use of the property “AllowUnsafeUpdates” on the SPWeb object and when it should be used. So I decided to do a little digging. According to MSDN, the definition of the property is: Gets or sets a Boolean value that specifies whether to allow updates to the database […]

Subtle hints from Microsoft?

Ok, so as partners, we are constantly faced with the decision of using either “SharePoint Social streams” or Yammer when deploying SharePoint to customers. The last I heard about this was from Jeremy Thake’s keynote speech at the SharePoint Saturday UK conference in November 2013. His guidance then was essentially: On premises (or otherwise self […]

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Supporting Office 365 Customisations

So it seems that people are beginning to bear the ugly side of hosting solutions on a hosted platform (that you don’t own) – and that’s having the platform updated without being informed! This is all well and good, because the features that Microsoft control are continually being tweaked, and if they don’t work as […]

Quickly Load Sample data into SharePoint from Wikipedia

Do remember that this application is designed solely to create sample content, not to replicate the service that Wikipedia provides. The content that appears is unformatted and without images. The content not intended for public (even for internal intranet) use, so please adhere to the¬†Wikipedia Terms of Service, and do also consider making a¬†donation to […]

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