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October, 2011

Video – Enterprise Search Connectors for Windows Explorer

Here’s a quick video about adding a search connector into Windows Explorer – really cool feature I’ve only just discovered. Probably because I spent too much time buried in Visual Studio writing CAML and C#. Anyway, here it is – enjoy! 🙂 Update: I forgot to point out that the Search Connector in Windows is […]

Get MySite Host with jQuery

Here’s a little snippet of code to grab the MySite host of the current environment using jQuery to pick it out from the user’s Welcome Menu.

Nice and simple!

List Item Performance – Wide Lists and Lookups

Disclaimer: The examples shown in this post are extremely unrealistic in terms of real-life scenarios. The numbers and types of fields used in these experiments are designed purely to test the physical limitations of SharePoint. At no point is it suggested that a real-life use of such list architecture be used. If you do have lists […]

Video – SharePoint Branding with CSS Customisations

Here’s a short presentation by myself in response to Mike Greene‘s post about CSS in SharePoint. It’s my first, it took all evening, so enjoy! SharePoint Branding with CSS Customisations from James Love on Vimeo.Talking through what to do and what not to do when customising SharePoint sites with CSS changes.

Making use of the Property Bag in the ECMAScript Client Object Model

This article is a cross-post of the originally published article from, available here: The “Property Bag” is a really quick and easy way to store key/value pairs that can be associated to a particular web site. You can use this to easily store settings for an application that you might want to scope to […]