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September, 2010

Explanation of VMware Snapshot Files

For this explanation I’ll use my current SharePoint deployment testing environment. I had installed Windows Server 2008R2 then created a series of snapshots whilst I preceded to promote to Domain Controller (dcpromo), installed SQL Server 2008, PerformancePoint Server 2008 and finally SharePoint Server 2007. I had pre-grown my virtual hard disk to approx 50GB prior, […]

Could not load package "\MSDB\MySSISPackage" because of error 0x80131500.

Came across an interesting error whilst thrashing out some deployment automation scripts today. As part of the deployment it was executing a SSIS package using DTExec running on the machine local to SQL Server, thus as part of the command line it omitted the /SERVER switch, insinuating that the package I’m executing exists in the […]