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Find SharePoint Pages That Use a Specific Page Layout

When you try to delete a page layout that’s in use, SharePoint will warn you (or rather, blow up on you) that it’s currently in use, but rather unhelpfully doesn’t tell you which pages are using it.

Luckily, a little-known feature in SharePoint that has existed since SharePoint 2007 will list you all the pages that are using a Page Layout.

To get to it, navigate to your site collection’s top level site, open up Site Content & Structure from the Site Actions menu in SharePoint 2007/2010 (or under Site Administration section of Site Settings in SharePoint 2013).

Once it has loaded up, select your Masterpage Gallery.

Then, from the toolbar along the top of the right hand pane, click ‘Show Related Resources’.

A panel will open up at the bottom which shows all the items/documents in the site collection that use the currently selected item, and other items/documents that reference the selected item. Select your desired Page Layout, and you’ll see Pages that are being used, with the column value ‘Used By’ along side.

This view does traverse the entire site collection and will show you all pages in all sites that reference this page layout.

Unfortunately, this won’t work for masterpages, so you can’t see what sites use a given masterpage – this panel will only show List Items (or Documents) that have a reference to a given file.

2 thoughts on “Find SharePoint Pages That Use a Specific Page Layout

  • Ryan Gates says:

    Thank you for sharing this useful feature. I wouldn’t survive without grep/find/find usages and other similar tools. It’s great to know there’s one for SharePoint.

  • Santiago Valbuena says:

    Thank you so much for the tip, i’ve been looking for a long time a tool to know the related pages of a layout.

    You’ve save me the day.

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