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Build a Simple Web Part for Office 365 that gets data from a List

Cross-Post. Originally posted on In this article we will create a simple web part in C# code that will access a task list and show a list of pending items. You will then be able to upload this web part to your SharePoint environment on Office 365! This tutorial combines others on the internet that […]

Summary Links – Show Images For Groups

The Summary Links Field or Web Part can be really useful to show a bunch of links and have them displayed in groups. It’s also quite cool how you can display an image beside each link if you so wish. But when you create a Group, you can’t assign an image to that group such […]

SharePoint: Year to View of a Calendar with Data List View Web Part

Cross-Posted from EndUserSharePoint.com This is a follow up post to a previous article I had written on creating a year to view web part of a Sharepoint Calendar List in C#, nearly a year ago. Back then, C# was what I knew and I was building good knowledge on the object model, so solving the […]

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