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I maintain a couple of projects on GitHub (when I get the chance to).

The main two (at the time of writing) are:

  • SPMobile
    An API for simplifying authentication and querying of SharePoint sites, for iOS written in Objective C.
  • Metallr
    A Twitter-like social network site I built myself in Ruby on Rails to teach myself the framework, as well as to teach myself Twitter Bootstrap and use of Redis from within a web application. This is up on GitHub so I could play with  Capistrano.

Feel free to fork either if you really want to. For any questions or support requests, use the GitHub site to raise queries.

One thought on “GitHub

  • Chris Smathes says:

    Will your SPMobile help me post to Sharepoint 2013 on Prim server with NTLM Security from iOS? I am having an issue getting it to work. I am make the call and get the X-RequestDigest but the second call to post data fails with 403 error. Have you done this before can you provide any assistance?

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