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Unable to load first class Dao provider type – PerformancePoint Services error code 10201

If you’re doing development against PerformancePoint Services API, whether in a custom ASP.NET site, a Console Application, make sure you have the Bpm configSection within your web.config (or App.config). You want to add the following configSection to your config file:

  And you also want to include this under the root element of your […]

Unable to resolve NTLM or Windows users in People Picker in Central Admin

This totally drove me round the bend. If you’re in Central Administration and you can resolve FBA accounts find but not NTLM, then check to make sure you’re on the correct Alternate Access Mapping for the site. You might be using http://centraladmin.mydomain.local:12345 and it may not work, until you access Central Admin via http://centraladmin:12345. Also, […]

What The Hell Is A SharePoint Site Collection?

Here’s another introductory post about something that I always see confusion over when new users to SharePoint hear these terms – Site Collection and Web site. What the hell is the difference between the two? Here’s my TL;DR answer (followed by a lengthy discussion): SITE COLLECTIONS DO NOT STORE CONTENT A site collection is just […]

SharePoint Development – What to Learn?

I thought I’d jot down a few things which I believe fresh SharePoint developers need to know when they’re confronted with the daunting task of developing something for SharePoint for the first time. SharePoint development has a massively steep learning curve. It literally takes years to get good at not only developing solutions in SharePoint, […]

Applying CSS Customisations in SharePoint – A Technique

Having done numerous branding exercises in SharePoint over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to try out various different methods of both loading CSS into your environment, and also the actual writing of the CSS. I have previous covered methods of loading CSS, and spoke about it in a video, which you […]

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