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Unable to load first class Dao provider type – PerformancePoint Services error code 10201

If you’re doing development against PerformancePoint Services API, whether in a custom ASP.NET site, a Console Application, make sure you have the Bpm configSection within your web.config (or App.config).

You want to add the following configSection to your config file:


And you also want to include this under the root element of your config file, to let your application know which Dao providers to load for the various objects PerformancePoint can handle:

It probably goes without saying, but if you’re running this contextless of SharePoint you’ll need to fake your HttpContext and point it to instances of SPWeb and SPSite (plenty of tutorials out on the web to do this). Oh, and with the rest of SharePoint code, it can only run on a SharePoint server. There is no client API for PerformancePoint in SharePoint 2010 and I doubt there is one for 2013. If you need you can create a service proxy that runs in SharePoint and gets the data you need.

6 thoughts on “Unable to load first class Dao provider type – PerformancePoint Services error code 10201

  • Matt Shaver says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    It is rare to find anyone else doing PerformancePoint API calls.

  • jean-paul bitar says:

    Hi please I need an urgent help I want to disable or hide export to excel and export to power point fron the webpart menu in the dashboards I have on sharepoint 2013. Thanks a lot

    • Jimmywim says:


      Please check this StackOverflow question:

      You want to remove the XML

      <Extension Name="EXCEL" Type="Microsoft.ReportingServices.Rendering.ExcelRenderer.ExcelRenderer,Microsoft.ReportingServices.ExcelRendering"/></code>

      and the equivalent one for PowerPoint in the directory:

      \Reporting Services\ReportServer\rsreportserver.config

      • jean-paul bitar says:

        Hi Jimmy ,

        Let me describe my situation I am running SQL server analysis services and i have my dashboards created on dashboard designer and published to sharepoint. But when I access My sharepoint site and see my dashboards this is where i want to remove export to excel and powerpoint. My question is where should i add this code of line that you mentioned?


        • Jimmywim says:

          If you’re referring to the options within the SSRS report, you need to remove the option from the SSRS Config file as I described.

          It’s normally located in this directory:

          DRIVE:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\\Reporting Services\ReportServer

          However, if you mean the standard PerformancePoint Charts, you’ll have to use jQuery to locate the menu options and remove them. I don’t have an environment to hand but if you look for “removing DOM elements using jQuery”, and find out about jQuery Selectors you should be able to get somewhere.

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