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Failed to load the appropriate report editor – PerformancePoint Server 2010 and SSRS 2012

If you are running PerformancePoint Server on SharePoint 2010, and have installed SSRS 2012, you will notice that you cannot edit any SSRS Reports within Dashboard Designer, you’ll get the following message: “Failed to load the appropriate report editor. Please verify the appropriate plug-in is installed. Sometimes (though not always) you get this warning which […]

Creating Custom PerformancePoint Reports in C#

(Concepts here are discussed around SharePoint 2010 but should equally be applicable to SharePoint 2013. All concepts here apply only to full-trust farm solutions, and cannot be done at all with Sandboxed solutions or with the App model)Occasionally you might give given the requirement (as a developer) to provide the ability to insert a chart […]

Get All PerformancePoint Filter Value selections in a Site Collection For the Current User

Here’s some code to get all PerformancePoint filter selections for the current user in a web site. This is a fairly straightforward operation. First you need a collection of strings, each of which is the URL to a PerformancePoint Filter stored in SharePoint. In this code snippet I use SPSiteDataQuery (in the DiscoverFilterUrls() method). You […]

Unable to load first class Dao provider type – PerformancePoint Services error code 10201

If you’re doing development against PerformancePoint Services API, whether in a custom ASP.NET site, a Console Application, make sure you have the Bpm configSection within your web.config (or App.config). You want to add the following configSection to your config file:

  And you also want to include this under the root element of your […]

Connecting to Analysis Services on SQL Server 2012 from PerformancePoint on SharePoint 2013 Preview

You might notice in PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer that when you create an Analysis Services Data Source, typing in a server name throws no error but the Database dropdown box never populates. Look to the event logs and you might find this error shown shortly after loading Dashboard Designer: Unable to load custom data source provider […]