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Video – Enterprise Search Connectors for Windows Explorer

Here’s a quick video about adding a search connector into Windows Explorer – really cool feature I’ve only just discovered. Probably because I spent too much time buried in Visual Studio writing CAML and C#. Anyway, here it is – enjoy! 🙂 Update: I forgot to point out that the Search Connector in Windows is […]

Get MySite Host with jQuery

Here’s a little snippet of code to grab the MySite host of the current environment using jQuery to pick it out from the user’s Welcome Menu.

Nice and simple!

List Item Performance – Wide Lists and Lookups

Disclaimer: The examples shown in this post are extremely unrealistic in terms of real-life scenarios. The numbers and types of fields used in these experiments are designed purely to test the physical limitations of SharePoint. At no point is it suggested that a real-life use of such list architecture be used. If you do have lists […]

SharePoint Training with Intelligent Decisioning Pty

Thought I’d take some time here to plug my company’s newly launched training delivery branch out in Brisbane, Australia (and it’s been a wee while since my last post!). Intelligent Decisioning Pty in Australia are now a Critical Path Training partner, have opened up several training workshops in October, delivering training materials from Critical Path […]

Resetting Item Level Permissions Programmatically

As part of my series of blog posts on item level permissions, I thought I’d post a quick note on “resetting” item-level permissions on a list. This can be done using the method SPListItem.ResetRoleInheritance() on the list item in question. This will reset any item level permissions on this item to inherit from the List […]

Reordering Content Types Programmatically

After this question was asked on SharePoint Stack Exchange, I thought I’d share my method of re-ordering content types in a list. Note: this isn’t the only method of doing this, see the thread on SPSE to see more (particularly the UniqueContentTypeOrder property).

SPList.Items versus the SPQuery

So you’ve embarked on writing a bit of code that must enumerate a SharePoint List’s Items one by one and do some stuff with them. You’ve (at some point) came across the Best Practices page on MSDN on Handling Large Folders and Lists, and seen that using SPList.Items is bad. It’s bad because you could […]

Feature Stapling – The TL;DR Version

In a Site-Scoped Feature, have this line in the Elements.xml:

The Id here is the GUID of a Web-Scoped Feature you want to activate every time a Sub-Web of template STS#0 (Team Site) is created. Simples.

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