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List Item Performance – Wide Lists and Lookups

Disclaimer:┬áThe examples shown in this post are extremely unrealistic in terms of real-life scenarios. The numbers and types of fields used in these experiments are designed purely to test the physical limitations of SharePoint. At no point is it suggested that a real-life use of such list architecture be used. If you do have lists […]

Resetting Item Level Permissions Programmatically

As part of my series of blog posts on item level permissions, I thought I’d post a quick note on “resetting” item-level permissions on a list. This can be done using the method SPListItem.ResetRoleInheritance() on the list item in question. This will reset any item level permissions on this item to inherit from the List […]

SharePoint 2010 Performance with Item Level Permissions

Tonight’s little project was inspired by a conversation on Twitter with @WonderLaura and @Toddklindt. Laura had asked about the implications of lots of item-level permissions in a big list in SharePoint (here), to which Todd replied with this, and followed up with this and this. So this got me thinking: where is the performance bottleneck […]