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Supporting Office 365 Customisations

So it seems that people are beginning to bear the ugly side of hosting solutions on a hosted platform (that you don’t own) – and that’s having the platform updated without being informed! This is all well and good, because the features that Microsoft control are continually being tweaked, and if they don’t work as […]

A Very Damned-Useful Extension Method

Trying never to use SPList.Items (due to Best Practice), yet needing to grab some items from a list quite often? Here’s an extension method which I use a fair bit.

You can then use regular LINQ queries to get the item or items you need against the object returned by this, for example:


Routing Engine: EvaluateCondition threw an exception.

Scenario: You’ve programmatically provisioned some Content Organizer Rules to send some documents somewhere based on a Managed Metadata Field. When you upload a document and set that field to something matching a condition, it throws an error, and you see this in the event logs:

The thing to watch here is the last bit […]

AppFabric Caching and Custom Solutions in SharePoint 2013

So you should’ve heard by now that SharePoint 2013 uses the AppFabric Distributed Caching mechanism to (finally) manage caching across multiple nodes in a SharePoint farm. Awesome. So does that mean you can use it for your custom apps? Absolutely not, according to TechNet:¬† If you are using custom applications in SharePoint Server 2013 which […]

SharePoint from iOS – a new library – SPMobile

Cut to the chase: github is here:¬† have spent a bit of time recently tidying up and expanding the code possibilities with my iOS library – SPRESTApi. The changes have allowed me to extend it so it’s no longer just a REST API helper, but can be used to called the ASMX web services in […]

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