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A Very Damned-Useful Extension Method

Trying never to use SPList.Items (due to Best Practice), yet needing to grab some items from a list quite often? Here’s an extension method which I use a fair bit.

You can then use regular LINQ queries to get the item or items you need against the object returned by this, for example:


6 thoughts on “A Very Damned-Useful Extension Method

  • Doug Hemminger says:

    Nice. The continuation of this, of course, is to allow comparison operators other than equals. Then you could add value types other than text (datetime, integer, etc…). Then you could add lookups. Before you know it, you will have a simple to use CAML interpreter for C#. 🙂

  • Stefan Bauer says:

    In deed really good to know. !

  • Yesterday I built myself a little function in JavaScript to generate a CAML clause from an array of values.


    Two things surprise me about that:
    1) Why it took me so long, since I’ve done this many times, and
    2) Why .NET developers don’t seem to have a huge library out there somewhere that does this stuff for them. Sort of like SPServices for .NET. Or is there one?

    • Jimmywim says:

      That’s probably because we always just Google for the code to do the tihng we need to do, and we paste it in.

      I’ve been reducing code wastage in a couple of projects, and I’m hoping to create a single Utility library that we maintain internally for use on any project.

      Depending on what kind of stuff ends up in there, I think it could become a community release, including things to do simple stuff like adding web parts to pages, creating Publishing pages, etc.

    • Mdmazzotti says:

      @Marc do you already know of this excellent javascript library that simplifies the creation of CAML queries?

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