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ASP.NET Modules – reading InputStream with StreamReader

If, like me, if you’ve gotten into habit of wrapping most things that implement IDisposable in a ‘using’ statement, then you’ll be wondering why the hell you can’t read from the Requests’s InputStream property using a StreamReader without your request pipeline breaking. Turns out, that you mustn’t dispose of the StreamReader immediately, as when you […]

document.getElementById() in MSIE

Ok, I think I screwed up somewhere – what I paste below breaks in all browsers, not just IE – if the getElementById is wrapped in a function and THEN called sometime after “OnLoad” is triggered, it works. Oh well… Original Article – This is strange. I have an issue which I have grossly simplified […]

document.getElementById() in MSIE

This is strange. I have an issue which I have grossly simplified in order to explain the situation. Below are two snippets of code which work perfectly fine in all browsers but IE. The second code snippet gives the error message: Message: ‘document.getElementById(…)’ is null or not an object As you can see, the difference […]

Year-to-View with Sharepoint Calendar BugFixed!

“Suji” has helpfully informed me that my previous post about a Year View of the Calendar had a bug in it. To view the original post: The bug is that if an event were to span 2 months (ie: Starts September 30th and Finishes October 2nd) then the view would ouput only under the […]