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Freebie: Round-Robin SPServer Selector

Here’s a nice little freebie I thought I’d share. I have a scenario where I have a rather large batch process to run that I’ve decided to split up by creating dozens of timer jobs that process chunks of the batch, and also let me split the the job across all my SharePoint servers! You […]

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Work Plan Web Part

The requirement for this idea was to take a current Excel spreadsheet solution and “Sharepointify” it. Word of warning: I think this is by far the most confusing post I’ve ever written. It may just be for personal reference only… The current system is a work plan for the team leader written in Excel which […]

Year-to-View with Sharepoint Calendar BugFixed!

“Suji” has helpfully informed me that my previous post about a Year View of the Calendar had a bug in it. To view the original post: The bug is that if an event were to span 2 months (ie: Starts September 30th and Finishes October 2nd) then the view would ouput only under the […]