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SharePoint Server 2013 Preview – Testing BI on SQL Server 2012? You need CTP3!

If you have installed SQL Server 2012 and wish to test out the Business Intelligence features (particularly SSRS in SharePoint 2013 Preview) you will need to install SQL Server 2012 SP1 CTP3 – this release is designed solely for testing out the Business Intelligence capabilities of SharePoint Server 2013 Preview.

You can download the installers from the Microsoft Download Centre here:

Do note that this page expressly states that this release of SQL Server is for testing BI in SP2013, and not as a regular service pack / patch.

If you don’t use this edition of SQL Server 2012 you may find that you will be unable to create a Reporting Services Service Application in SharePoint 2013. I believe this is because SQL Server 2012 has installed the RS files required for SharePoint Server 2010 (everything in the 14 Hive), and of course SharePoint 2013 Preview has everything it needs in the 15 Hive for normal use.

You can download the ISO image, or for a smaller download size, retrieve the EXE and associated BOX file (the install requires both, and run the EXE file once you’ve got both).

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