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If You Do This, I Hate You

I’ll come clean. I know a lot of what I know because I know how to Google/Bing for answers. Yes, other people have taken the time to answer other’s questions, I just know how to get them.

But there’s a certain kind of person that hampers my efforts in finding out other people’s answers to my questions. If you’re this kind of person – please change your habits lest I hate you forever.

These people are found in the public fora of StackExchange and the MSDN forums. Not so much the StackExchange fora as they’re moderated by the community and so bitchslap these offenders anyway. MSDN forums are not really moderated at all (other than removing sweary posts), have no ‘negative’ voting system and are littered with the following annoying habits:

  • ‘Answering’ a post with just the words ‘I have this problem too’
  • ‘Answering’ a post with just a link to a blog that now returns a 404, with no explanation as to what was done to resolve the issue
  • ‘Answering’ a post with just the words ‘Thanks, I got it working’ with no indication of what was done to resolve their issue
Seriously folks – by ‘taking’ from the community by just asking for free answers to questions, you can ‘give’ back by being a bit more verbose in your answers. Part of what makes a community great is being able to find answers to any question thanks to those in the community answering questions fully in the first place.

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