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Twitter Converastion – Jimmywim – Glennhilton & Others

Here’s a summary of the conversation today between myself (@Jimmywim) and @GlennHilton regarding use of social media and intro/extraversion.
Thanks to Twitter’s lack of conversation tracking (unless they are direct @replies using the reply function instead of my lazyness), I’ve had to rebuild this from scratch. Hope you can read it.
It goes in chronological order (top down), as opposed to Twitter logic (bottom up). I’ve put the name of the Tweeting user underlined and italicised before the quoted tweet.
Social Media is creating a new gen of digital extroverts gaining confidence online w/ every new follower, RT & linkback ~ @briansolis
@glennhilton Does digital extraversion lead to or enhance real-life introversion? There’s a Q for the researchers.

@jimmywim what’s your opinion on it James?
@glennhilton My intuition tells me that digi-extraversion enhances RL-introversion – you lack practice of non-verb comms skills…

@glennhilton This new gen could develop a kind of offline autism

@glennhilton lack practice of non-verbal communications*

@jimmywim interesting. How have you observed this?
@glennhilton Observation: It’s currently an instinct. It’s time spent socialising online versus time offline…

@glennhilton … we look further out for people we get along with, ppl who r not geographically closer, difficult 2 build rapport with those

RT @jimmywim My intuition tells me that digi-extraversion enhances real life-introversion. New gen could develop a kind of offline autism.
@glennhilton You can be a whizz at “chatting up chix on Twitter lolz” but would that help interpersonal skills in a job interview?

RT @evelynso don’t think so. Same argument in late 80s and early 90s that only introverted kids went online to social.
@glennhilton 80s/90s arg: Was the same percentage of youths “online-only” back then as is now?

@jimmywim interesting thoughts James. You’ll have to write on your observations. Good to hear it’s been helping you in “chatting up chix” 😉
@glennhilton Hehe, fortunately I’ve not needed that aspect for a year and a bit now, nor ever again! (W00t!).

@glennhilton I do find psychology of social media fascinating though, should write down my thoughts in full sometime.

@jimmywim you should. Great to hear you’ve found that special someone too 🙂
@glennhilton Thanks. * A nod to @Fjar * . Also of interest is migration of people across social networking sites to evade parents & bosses.

@glennhilton @jimmywim But the same reasoning and verbal communication skill form the basis for successful online communication

@Pimmsoclock not sure I’m understanding Mark. @jimmywim & I had quite a bit of dialogue back and forth. Maybe you could clarify?
@Pimmsoclock @glennhilton RE reasoning & verbal comms: True, but does it work the other way around?

@Pimmsoclock @glennhilton Would the same person exert the same confidence in both scenarios (online & offline)?

@glennhilton @jimmywim I’d argue links to content, retweets, emoticons, etc enhance online communication and are are a skill to develop too?

@Pimmsoclock @glennhilton Just understood what you said there; Yes, the skill of referring links r/than stating facts w/out sources is vital

Tomorrow’s talk? 😉 RT @jimmywim Also of interest is migration of people across social networking sites to evade parents & bosses. @Fjar
@glennhilton @jimmywim @Fjar – talk sound very interesting – the migration across social platforms. BTW – parents might want to avoid kids

Phew! Next time I’ll be sure to use the “Reply” button in Twitter 😛

3 thoughts on “Twitter Converastion – Jimmywim – Glennhilton & Others

  • Oh dear – Blogger did NOT like that post’s formatting when I went to edit it…

    Anyhow, this is the Tweet that inspired the conversation:

    The Psychology of Twitter: (are we living life like a reality show w/ social media serving as our stage?)

  • Glenn Hilton says:

    Great idea to post all the tweets on your blog James! Thanks for including everyone too 🙂

  • Glenn Hilton says:

    Some others that you might not have seen in my timeline James were:

    @kjerstia @glennhilton great question! Maybe both, depending. It can also help those who are already introverted though..

    @inJenious @glennhilton I’m going to bed, but before I do it has been the opposite for me. Reduction of real-life social introversion.

    @catascraft @glennhilton hahaha! Love this “offline autism”…

    @SssuperB @glennhilton Depends on how digitally extroverted they are. In personal exp, I’ve changed proportionally to how much time I spend online.

    @spoonlife @glennhilton is digital life real? I know those who work digitally so it’s now part of reality and is real, just not face to face.

    @spoonlife @glennhilton no argument here, but things chg, look at life 100 yrs ago, what’s the new normal?

    @Solstitial @glennhilton Must say I agree with @kjerstia’s statement. I think for most, digital life does not exist in isolation from real life.

    @3dclaire @glennhilton Investing all social energyonline can cause introverts to hold back. Does it help to connect with online friends in real life?

    @SssuperB @glennhilton In HS I was an extreme introvert while I was a digi-extrovert. The digital side has lessened (a lil) and I’m now more social.

    @3dclaire @glennhilton Which could mean it adds value to introverts by opening the way for real life real time conversations.

    @inJenious @glennhilton Further to introvert thing: Comes back to that saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover”. On twitter, that’s finally true.

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