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Programmatically Update a Content Type

Here’s a straight forward one. For some reason (don’t ask) I had to update a content type in a Feature Receiver (I would have preferred to have created a new content type and inherit) by adding a new field to it. Here’s the code, purely for my personal reference but open in case other people […]

SharePoint 2010 Performance with Item Level Permissions

Tonight’s little project was inspired by a conversation on Twitter with @WonderLaura and @Toddklindt. Laura had asked about the implications of lots of item-level permissions in a big list in SharePoint (here), to which Todd replied with this, and followed up with this and this. So this got me thinking: where is the performance bottleneck […]


Haven’t posted much lately, got some awesome stuff in the works due to be released quite soon. Passed exam 70-576 yesterday so I’m now officially an MCPD SharePoint 2010 Developer! Back to the grind…

Sandboxed Visual Web Part in VS2010 – ‘InitializeControl’ does not exist

(Cut to chase – your ASCX file is too large, strip out code away from the ascx preventing it from being de serialized, such as holding lots of JS in another file) Whilst experimenting with various methods of developing client object model solutions for SharePoint 2010, I’ve been pointed towards the Visual Web Part for […]

Calendar Year View Web Part Code Example

Had a few requests on my previous post about the Calendar Year View for a coded example. So here’s one. I’ve not fully tested this in quite a while so it might not work immediately and might need one or two modifications to the object model code to access the List properly, there’s probably some […]

Been Quiet?

It has been quite a while since I last posted on here, so I think I should pop something in to keep myself active in authoring for the moment. I’ve had quite a substantial change in circumstances in the past month, mostly revolving around moving house to a new area of England, and taking up […]

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